Auction Terms

All items are sold as-is without warranty. All sales are cash or Bank certified cheque only.
All items must be paid for and picked up at the site that sold the item.

Please register for an account in order to bid on items.
Please ensure you are logged in to place a bid.
To register for an account, click on “my account” in the menu bar.
Note: Please ensure the time and date on your computer is correct as this may affect your ability to bid on items.



Due to COVID-19, arrangements will need to be made for payment and pick up without entering the buildings. Thank you for your understanding.   

If you are paying with cash, please ensure you have exact change.

Silent Auction

To make a bid for the Online Silent Auction item, simply enter your bid amount. The opening bid on this item must be at least the minimum bid that corresponds with that piece. All bids are sealed and cannot be seen. Once the auction is declared closed, the highest bid entered for the item that adheres to the designated increment shall constitute the winning bid.

Note: If two identical bids are received the user who place their bid first will win the auction.